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You can order copies of Live Recorder books and CDs in two ways : Complete this order form and either;
By credit / debit card
1. Print a completed copy and fax the copy from your fax machine or :-
By International Money Order
2. Print a copy of the completed order form and send it to me by air mail with an International Money Order.

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....Live Recorder 1 book(s) at £6.95

....Live Recorder 1 CD(s) at £12.95

....Live Recorder 2 book(s) at £6.95

....Live Recorder 2 CD(s) at £12.95

....Live Recorder 3 book(s) at £6.95

....Live Recorder 3 CD(s) at £12.95

UK orders ADD postage & packing of £1.95; International orders upto £20, add £1.95 ; orders of £20 to £50 add £3.95 and for orders over £50 please add £5.95 to your order

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