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James McCafferty has sixteen years' classroom teaching experience. He founded the early music group Milady Clare's Musicke and is the author of the CD based musical literacy programme Live Recorder: a Beginner's Course in Music.

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James McCafferty

Early Music in Schools

39 Greenway, Great Horwood, Milton Keynes

MK17 0QR, United Kingdom.

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Let me bring to life your curriculum work on the medieval and Tudor ages with the music and song of earlier times, played on beautifully-reconstructed early instruments: dulcimer, psalteries, cittern, rebec, crumhorn, cornamuse, renaissance long drum and recorders. School demonstrations and workshops are very reasonably priced: £325 for a demonstration of all the instruments, lasting about 70-75 minutes and ideal for several classes together, or £400 for the demonstration followed by an hour's early music workshop with up to 25 students playing their own instruments.

The demonstrations are suitable for the 8 - 13 age range, but can be tailored to suit both infants or secondary school groups. High quality photocopiable worksheets are supplied to enable several follow-up sessions to be carried out with the minimum of preparation by teachers. CDs featuring the instruments are available for sale to students after the visit.

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