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I hope you enjoy visiting the rest of this Early Music in Schools website. I've just started work on this page and I hope you'll be able to help me build it into a really useful resource for students, teachers and all who are interested in Early Music.

As you can see, the contents of this page will be divided into a number of headings, each one with links to pages within this site and to other sites so that you can quickly find what you're looking for.

Look at the links and resources which follow and try them out for yourself. If you come across other sites, books or CD/audio resources please contact me to let me know what you think of them, and I will add them to the resources of this page.

Learning to play the recorder

McCafferty, James, Live Recorder: a Beginner's Course in Music. Duet Publishing. 1992 ISBN 0 9519074 0 9

Multimedia package (audio CDs and books) which teaches the recorder to complete beginners. Designed specifically to be used by teachers with no previous experience of teaching music.

Live Recorder Book 1 (with CD) : notes B, A, G, C', D'

Live Recorder Book 2 (with CD) : notes F Sharp, E, D

Live Recorder Book 3 (with CD) : notes E', F Natural, C, lower C Sharp, ...................................................upper C Sharp, G Sharp
Buying early musical instruments

* Early Music Shop (UK)

"The largest single source of early musical instruments worldwide".

* Early Music Shop (New England)

Part of the von Huene recorder workshop: recorders, transverse flutes and other instruments.

* Hobgoblin (UK)

A wide selection of early and traditional instruments.

Recordings of early music on CD

*Early Music Shop (UK)

The Early Music Shop has a huge catalogue of early music recordings. Contact them for a copy.

*Early Music A variety of interesting tracks on CD

Songs and music from the 12th to 17th Centuries performed by James McCafferty and Milady Clare's Musicke, including madrigals, dance tunes, carols, hymns, early folk songs and the earliest round in existence (21 tracks)

Early music networks and information

* The Early Music Network (UK)

"The national early music development agency"

*The Early Music Network (USA)

Information and services about early music and performances all over the world.

*Medieval music

*Early music

*Plainsong and Medieval Music Society (UK)

*Recorder music

Early music for special events, celebrations, festivals

James McCafferty

Early Dance

Under development

Books on Early Music

* Early and traditional music.

Hobgoblin Music (UK) stock a wide selection of books and sheet music (early and traditional).

The Oxford Companion to Music - OUP ; Percy A Scholes, ISBN 019 311 306 6
The Oxford Book of Carols - OUP ; ed's Hugh Keyte & Andrew Parrott, ISBN 019 313 120 x
A Book of Early Music - Schott & Co Ltd, John Horton, edition 11413
The Oxford Companion to Musical Instruments - OUP ; Anthony Baines, ISBN,

Sheet music

* The Early Music Shop (UK) has a large catalogue of printed sheet music. Contact them for a copy.

Early Music in Schools - Workbook

Available as a teaching aid and provided only as part of my demonstrations in schools. Additional copies £20 each.

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